The Vim Dicta captures the moment at Capitol Records

May the Day recently had an exclusive peek into Los Angeles band The Vim Dicta’s recording session at Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA. The band was busy perfecting 5 tracks during their studio time but took a moment to speak to us about upcoming plans and being at Capitol Records for the first time.

The trio puts forth a powerful mix of classic rock core with hints of latin spice and psychedelic throwback – a sound that The Vim Dicta takes seriously. The very experience you have seeing them live is the same feeling they want you to have when listening to a record. Thus, every track is recorded live making sure that the essence of each performance is what comes out of your speakers when you press play.

During their 2 days of studio time, the band was working with legendary producer and sound engineers Niko Bolas and Shelly Yakus who came together to capture the best possible live moment for the band.

“They know our sound really well, they’ve known a lot of other great people’s sound and we trust them whole-heartedly.”

- Matt Tunney (Guitarist)


Get to know The Vim Dicta here!

One thought on “The Vim Dicta captures the moment at Capitol Records

  1. On behalf of The Vim Dicta and Just Great Management, I just want to THANK YOU, Blake, for coming out on your Sunday morning to do this terrific interview with the band at Capitol Studios. It was a lot of fun and we all deeply appreciate being a part of MAY THE DAY!!

    Dan Nash

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